SINCE 1993
we have manufactured sport socks and leg warmers for the active


From Kęty to EURO 2012

Can you remember the original knee-high football socks at EURO 2012? Surely you do not know they were created in the Iskierka plant in Kęty. Our experience and knowledge are also behind the high quality of such brands as Umbro or Lotto. Customers from Poland and over 15 other locations around the world contact us to design and manufacture socks for their brands, shops and sports teams. What is most valuable is that customers come back to us regularly, highly appreciating the know-how we have gathered since 1993.

Creativity combined with the new technology

The heart of our company is a graphic design studio and the production hall. In our studio the designers translate customers' expectations into unique, visually impeccable products. In the hall, dozens of high-tech machines work constantly while our specialist staff make sure that the sports socks and leg warmers are refined to the last thread.
In Iskierka company we combine tradition and respect for the highest quality with a modern machine park and a flexible approach to customers. For over 20 years we have been listening to the expectations of athletes practising diverse disciplines, and at the same time we are open to changing market and consumer expectations. For years, we have been cooperating with universities in the field of research on modern solutions, and currently we are working on a project of socks for diabetics.
Zofia Iskierka - founder of Iskierka company

Custom-made offers

The customer's wishes are there to fulfil them. In Iskierka we can prepare for you knee-high socks in the chosen colour, with the required marking. Apart from a wide range of yarn colours, we also offer the possibility of dyeing the yarn according to the customer's order.

Fast order processing

We work fast and efficiently. We are at the top of production capacity: we can produce 17,000 pairs of socks per week.

Only the best raw materials

We do not accept any compromises on quality. We produce our sports socks from the top-class raw materials of reliable European suppliers and from speciality yarns of antibacterial and antifungal properties.


ISKIERKA sp. z o.o.
ul. Kleparz 6A
32-650 Kęty
tel.: +48 33 845 24 99 Dział Handlowy wew. 21, 22


Customer service in Russian and English
tel.: +48 33 432 27 32

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