Just as you need

We produce customized sports socks for sports clubs, sports academies, clothing brands, chain shops, schools with obligatory uniforms or companies looking for unusual promotional gadgets. We can put your logo or any other symbol of an unusual shape or size on them. Our company have a wide selection of colours of the yarns. We also dye yarns according to the customer's request. The minimum order quantity is 100 pairs per colour version.

Advanced technical materials

Working with us, you can always have access to high-quality socks regardless of the sports discipline. We use the highest quality raw materials from reliable European suppliers, specialist yarns such as Prolen ® Siltex AG + of antibacterial and antifungal properties. Furthermore, we respect the diverse expectations of athletes, creating models of a specific construction. Each of our socks is refined in terms of quality, safety, protection, comfort and manufacture.


Modern branding technologies

Our branding method does not affect the comfort of usage of the socks in any way. The logo is sewn-in into the sock during its production or made with the use of sublimation printing, so it has the same structure as the rest of the sock.

Custom-made products

We will adjust the size of the socks to the required size designated by the client. The customer can also place an order on the basis of our ready-made size tables suitable for a dedicated sales market according to the undermentioned example.

We also offer product packaging according to the customer's requirements and their graphic design. Our packaging services include machine packing in cardboard boxes.


ISKIERKA sp. z o.o.
ul. Kleparz 6A
32-650 Kęty
tel.: +48 33 845 24 99 Dział Handlowy wew. 21, 22


Customer service in Russian and English
tel.: +48 33 432 27 32

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